Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our UNCSA Community

Here at UNCSA, our campus has been set up rather strategically to increase the sense of community. There are many different aspects and details that affect this...

  • The Pickle Jar allows for people to eat food, socialize, watch TV or do homework together
  • The cafeteria also allows for students to gather and spend time together
  • Outside there are lots of benches and tables for people to sit at rather than being alone in their rooms
  • The connector has the gallery with sofas, tables, games, a kitchen, a TV and lots of games so that students can constantly be there interacting with each other
  • Each floor in the dorms has a room with chairs and sofas where students can spend time together
  • Outside there is only a few main sidewalks so in general, people take the same paths while walking 

So yes there are many different aspects on our campus that allow for socialization. However, I think there are a few things that could be changed to allow for even more community. 

1) The buildings where students study their arts are rather secluded. The dance, music, visual arts and acting wings are all on different levels and even buildings. It seems that they are completely secluded. I think these should be combined so that all the different art forms can spend more time together. 
2)Another thing that could help increase a sense of community is a room on third floor gray where students could meet and do homework. There is always a bunch of students scattered about the hallways doing homework and socializing before classes because they have no where else to go. If we had a room on this floor, all of the students could spend time together there.
3)Finally, I would make the gym closer to the dorms. I feel that gyms are places where a lot of people come together but because the gym is so far away, many people avoid going there. If it was more accessible, more people would go and therefore it would strengthen our community. 

These are a few of the changes that could be made to make UNCSA more connected. However, this school really does have an amazing community. 

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